We have decided to postpone the upcoming "Fermenting Data" workshop. We will find a better time to meet up—and I will keep everyone posted by mail and on this page. Btw, if you haven't signed up for the newsletter yet, write me an email on andersvisti@gmail.com
Take care -and hope to see you soon... Warmly, Anders

Upcoming workshop: [14] Fermenting Data with Magda Tyżlik-Carver. Saturday, March 21st from 13 to 17. Topic: Fermenting data/Feminist data workshop. Open to feminists of all genders.

Magda Tyżlik-Carver is a researcher and curator. Her research explores relational arrangements of humans and nonhumans and their biopolitical creations through posthuman curating and curating in/as common/s, future thinking, affective data, and data fictions. Tyżlik-Carver is Assistant Professor in Digital Design at Aarhus University


Saturday, Feb 22nd 2020, 10-16 → Processing Community Day @Aarhus 2020 Openness in software culture. Processing Community Day (PCD) is a worldwide event initiated by The Processing Foundation, involving more than 30 international cities to organize a day event with their local communities to celebrating and exploring art, code, and diversity. PCD @Aarhus 2020
Friday, Feb 21st 2020, 16-... → More PCD @Aarhus 2020
Friday, Feb 7th 2020, 16:30-18:30 → More PCD @Aarhus 2020
Friday, Jan 24 2020, 15:30-17.30 → More PCD @Aarhus 2020
Thursday, Jan 9 2020, 16-18 → More planning of the next Processing Community Day @Aarhus 2020
Dec 8 '19, 13-17 → From 13.00-15.00 we're planning the next Processing Community Day @Aarhus in 2020, by putting together a team that can move things forward. From 15.00 and onwards we're coding and socialising. Bring your laptop fb link
Oct 24 '19, 19-22 → This workshop focuses on the live coding framework ORCA. Frederik la Cour introduces basic principles of ORCA and Pilot, and lets participants work with these on their own. By the end of the workshop, we'll present our work to each other. Bring your laptop and a pair of headphones fb link
Sept 22 '19, 12–15 → Nikolaj Christian Mikkelsen introduces physical computing. We will connect a pile of arduinos to a small server, making them communicate through text. The presentation focuses on circuits, sensors and boards, but will also include coding the arduinos with p5.js and native arduino code fb link
Aug 8 '19, 12–13 → Lee Tusman, presentation of Processing Community Day @New York + own works • 13–18.30 → Winnie Soon, Unerasable Characters — about erasure, natural language processing, machine learning and automated censorship, as the departure point of discussing computation and coding practice fb link
July 4 '19, 19–21 → Shut Up and Code. Some Web Audio API hacking
June 2 '19, 14–16 → Shut Up and Code
Apr 28 '19, 14–16 → Tobias Stenberg and Andreja Andric demo Andreja's 1 Bit Net Dance software for networked laptop improvisation fb link
Apr 1 '19, 16.30–18.30 → Getting people together, building Code&Share
Feb 9 '19 → Inaugural Code&Share @ DOKK1, Aarhus. Processing Community Day @Aarhus '19